My jitters melt away, replaced with a colourful feeling of floating and a calmness I have not felt in so long.

The light splits into a thousand strands and spreads across the darkness, inescapable and intoxicating.

Has it been 5 minutes or 5 hours?

Amongst the sea of bare chests and unfocused stares, we sometimes lock eyes and smile. Occasionally a kiss and some whispers, barely audible in amongst all the noise. A hidden language only we are able to hear and understand.

Why did I keep myself tethered from freedom for so long?

I close my eyes and fall into someone’s arms. We look into each others eyes and laugh, the same inside joke.

Isn’t this paradise? We smirk this time.

Yeah, it is.

The lights build up and explode, breaking into a million falling stars that we don’t feel as they land our skin.

Someone’s body against mine and darkness once more.

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