The hum of an unseen air conditioning unit outside the hotel room window.

Weather warm and air slightly humid. Skin plump and dewy. Now is our time.

Every queer in town plus a few more. Side eyes at every intersection and disordered habits squeezing into those tight, tight pieces.

Laughter with friends, running from party to party, watching and egging each other on as we entangled ourselves with countless strangers.

Some of them clung on but only as long as snow fell, sweets were plentiful and invisible rivers of gold flowed. But you know, these things that cling on tend to drop off when you don’t feed them anymore.

Where am I finding this energy to go on? Surely, I’ll fall down. No time to think, just keep dancing for now. Quickly, before you sink!

We have to catch up! But I just can’t find the time. I’ll see you back home, I promise this time

I sleep lightly while that unit still hums. A cricket chirps somewhere outside.

As I awake, I see that it is overcast now, how can this be?

Everything looked so much better in the sun and under all those lights.

I can see the flaws that I couldn’t see before. The filter is gone and many things unseen through a lens are laid bare. Eyes are empty and the conversation is strained.

What happened to those sparks I thought I saw? It must have been the light reflecting off the streamers in the air.

I walk around confused and dazed for a moment but then my sense starts to kick in, this was just a hit, nothing more.

Yearning for my mundane and peaceful everyday where the highs aren’t too high and the lows aren’t too low.

It’s time to get out of here but don’t be fooled, I’ll be back to do it all again.

I close my eyes and this time I sleep real deep.

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