Moments this week


I’m lying down on the floor staring at the ceiling again. The breeze ripples the curtains and dances lightly on my face.

I take a breath and hold it.

Covering my eyes and pushing until I see the purple erupting in the darkness of my mind I start to imagine how the course of my life might change if I made certain decisions this year.

I expel my breath with strength and allow new air to fill me. My heart beats fast.


While I’m getting something from my bedroom one evening, I notice the peacock feathers are swaying from a breeze.

I look and confirm none of my windows are open. AC isn’t on.

“You want something proper to sit in don’t you?”

They fold slightly, “Yes.”

“Okay, sorry – you’re right.”

They bow without a word and I dip my head lightly in return.


What colour is solitude?

Before I sleep, I position the pillows to create the impression of someone sleeping next to me. Tell yourself enough times that this fills a void and it really becomes that way.


Sometimes everyday life is the most moving and emotional.


Maiiit yew gawt anii mahnii faw a coffii???

I’ll buy you one, what do you want?

Larrtey wif free rorr sugaz!!


Tsgottah bee rorr! Eyem bean helfy hahahahaha

I’ll be back.

Fanks! Eyell pay ya backkk hahahahaha yeh

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